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Trinitas Regional Medical Center's Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Unit has three distinctive components, which include The Involuntary Unit, or Short Term Care Facility (STCF), the Voluntary Unit, and a specialized unit for the Developmentally Disabled/Mentally Ill population. Union County and Middlesex County Residents are served on the adult units (voluntary and involuntary). Admissions are referred from the designated county screening centers in which the client resides.

Short Term Care Facility
The short term care unit is a twenty one bed unit devoted to actively intervening and stabilizing the patient who meets the standards for mental illness and a level of dangerousness to themselves, others, or property at the time of admission. The unit provides a high staff to patient ratio, which allows for closer monitoring and more intensive social service programming. All patients receive comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, multidisciplinary assessments, and pharmacological/psycho educational groups geared towards developing the patient's illness awareness, medication knowledge, coping and community living skills.

21-Bed Voluntary Unit
The 21 bed Voluntary unit offers two specialized tracks. One is for the geriatric patient and the other provides treatment for the individuals who experience mood disorders.

Specialized treatment addresses the specific needs of the elderly in which both psychiatric and medical considerations are treated in a safe milieu. Treatment includes comprehensive psychiatric/medication evaluation, adaptive living skills, reality orientation, and Occupational, Art, Recreational, Group, and Individual therapies.

Mood Disorders
Mood disorder is a common psychiatric illness, which affects mood, thinking, and behavior in all age groups. The primary goal of this program is to assist the patient to achieve an adaptive level of functioning and to successfully manage his/her illness. Patients receive a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and multidisciplinary assessments. Daily education on medication, stress management, coping, and relaxation strategies are reinforced. Art and Occupational group therapies are offered.

Developmentally Disabled/Mentally Ill Unit
The aim of the unit is to prevent long term institutionalization and to maintain community placement by providing short-term acute psychiatric inpatient services. This 10-bed acute unit is designed to meet the special needs of this population. Psychiatric and Behavioral problems are addressed.

The multidisciplinary team consists of Psychiatrists, Registered Nurses, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Occupational Therapists and Recreational Therapists. Programs are structured to meet the special functional and diagnostic needs of the patient.

All specialized programs are designed to provide short-term individualized stabilization with an emphasis on the patient being discharged to family and community resources within the shortest time frame possible.

Patients who are experiencing acute psychiatric symptoms can be admitted to our Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Unit only after being screened by either a Union or Middlesex County Screening Center

For questions and or to request Additional information Please call our Program Director at 908-994-7275 or the Psychiatric Emergency/Mobile Outreach at 908-994-7131.



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