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Cornerstone Club
 -Help people for generations to come
 -Enjoy tax benefits
 -Get special Cornerstone Club benefits

What is the Trinitas Cornerstone Club?
The Trinitas Cornerstone Club honors individuals who express their commitment to health care in the community by making planned gifts to Trinitas Health Foundation.

The hospitals that joined to form Trinitas have a century-long tradition of providing superb care only minutes away. Recognizing this tradition, Cornerstone Club members are cementing the bricks that will support local health care for our children and grandchildren for the next century.

Cornerstone Club members have decided to invest in the future health of the community by making a bequest, creating a trust, donating property, or designing another form of planned gift. Their contributions will provide significant, lasting support for the health care programs, facilities, and services at Trinitas.

What It Does for You
Joining the Cornerstone Club gives you both the satisfaction of building exceptional health services and flexibility in structuring your gift and its impact to suit your goals. You join others who share your concerns, becoming part of a community dedicated to lasting health care excellence in our community. The Cornerstone Club:

Enables you to give a significant gift that supports Trinitas's health services year after year

Enables you to get tax and investment advantages


Lets you make a gift while retaining income or another interest in the property you give

Emphasizes gifts of accumulated assets

Helps you with retirement planning


Recognizes your contribution to Trinitas at events and in publications unless you prefer to remain anonymous

Includes you in special Cornerstone Club events and updates.

What It Does for Trinitas and Our Community
Cornerstone Club gifts build our health care future. While most other gifts respond to needs during the year we receive the gift, most planned gifts are designed to produce income - and impact - for many years to come. The Cornerstone Club can:

Provide long-term support for community health needs you care about, like ensuring that the hospital can provide technologically advanced equipment and improve facilities

Build an endowment, which will improve our financial security, create reserves for quick response to emerging issues, and provide seed money for new initiatives

How to Join
You can become a member of the Trinitas Cornerstone Club by making a planned gift to the Trinitas Health Foundation and telling us that you made the gift. Some of the ways that you can join the Cornerstone Club are:

By making a bequest in your will


Through a life income gift, like a charitable remainder trust or a pooled income fund gift

With a charitable lead trust

By making the Foundation a beneficiary of your retirement plan


By making Trinitas Health Foundation a beneficiary of your life insurance policy

By a gift of real property


With an outright gift to the Foundation endowment of $5,000 or more

Feel free to call us for more information about this or other planned gifts at 908-994-8249.



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