A "Bow" To Inker

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Inker makes his rounds visiting patients
in the Comprehensive Cancer Center

NJN HealthWatch Report

Message From: Carmen Zambrano

I know how much joy Inker brought to the patients in the Cancer Center. His dedication to his patients, his presence at the center and his love will be remembered by us all here at Trinitas.

His own battle with cancer and yet his eagerness to please the patients he visited is well admired. How can a person not love him and miss him during this time of sadness.

He will surely be missed but most of all remembered for his courage and beautiful presence. Inker will be in our hearts forever.

My prayers go to Ms. Pat Dobson, who shared him with all of us. Inker will never be forgotten he was a true hero.

Carmen Zambrano

Message From: Nancy Gonzalez

Pat........Thank you for allowing Inker to visit us in the Sleep Center. Although we know that his speciality was helping cancer patients, his visit made us all very happy. It was great to see the love you shared for each other. God Bless You.

Message From: Caroline Zagorski

My deepest sympathy to you. The price we pay for loving them is losing them...but never they are never out of your heart.

Message From: Nancy Rager

Dear Pat,

I was extremely saddened to hear that Inker has succumbed to his illness. You both were an inspiration to me and I can only hope that Winston and I can bring as much joy to patients as you did. My prayers and thoughts are with you during this most difficult time.

Nancy Rager and Winston (AAA dog)

Message From: Charlene Washington

Pat, and family...I send my sympathies to you at this difficult time. As I look at this beautiful testimony to Inker, I see the smiles on his face...and the smiles he brought to all. Bless you for not prolonging his hurting. He is smiling at you, now, from the rainbow bridge.

Charlene Washington

Message From: Carmelina Arias

I will always remember Inker when he visited me in the ED. Always bought a smile to my face. Will never forget him...he lives on...

Message From: Carol Martin

I pray there's a place in heaven for Inker. I had cancer twice & loved the therapy dog visits. I also lost my Suzy Softpaws to canine lymphoma. Beautiful tribute.

Message From: Eugene Deutsch

As a dog lover,I know what it is to lose one. May God bless both Inker and you.

Message From: Rich Pettorossi

Dear Pat,

My heart goes out to you. A Golden like Inker can bring a smile to anyone's face. He was surely special.

Message From: John Dolan

I did not know Inker but several years ago my young son was hospitalized, and I will always remember the service dogs that came and cheered him up. Seeing those dogs and spending time with them brought a smile to his face and aided his recovery. God bless Inker and his owner for the work that they did. I do believe there is a special place in heaven for animals, and Inker is right there playing with all the others.

Message From: Joanne Goncalves

It broke my heart to read this story today for I lost my beloved Ginger, also a Golden, in January. They are wonderful dogs. Your story inspired me to do this work when I'm retired. God Bless. Hopefully he will meet my Ginger in heaven and be pals!

Message From: Anonymous  

Dog's are truly your friend till the end! I am so sorry to hear of Inker's passing, What a beautiful dog. I can see all the smiles that he brought to everyone's face. He was a true inspiration to many. Rest in Peace Inker, you truly are an Angel!

Message From: Janet Whitted

I work in renal and I also help a church member who go to the cancer center and I watched inker bring love, joy, hope to so many patients. What a blessing it is to see that in patients that are going thru so much pain and INKER was truly an ANCHOR for them.

Message From: Linda Cubellis

What a huge loss! My Deepest and heartfelt symapthy to a dog that brought hope and love into everyone's life he touched! He deserves this final beloved farewell. I am sure he will be missed by everyone.

Hats off to Inker!!! The World's Best Dog!!!!

Linda Cubellis

Message From: Phyllis Barbato

I never met Inker, but I did have a Golden Retriever mix who died of CNS lymphoma. My heart goes out to Pat. She is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

Phyllis Barbato & Chloe

Message From: Sharon Kurtz

Dear Pat,

My thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. Inker was a sweet boy and we will truly miss him at the cancer center. God must have needed another angel. May the beautiful memories of Inker bring smiles to all that knew and loved him. He was very special.

-Sharon Kurtz

Message From: Marie Banasiak

Dear Pat,

My heart goes out to you for your loss of Inker. I know all too well how devastating the loss of a special friend, like Inker, can be. I hope you find comfort in his memory and the fact that Inker touched many lives. Thank you for sharing his love and joy with all of us.

-Marie Banasiak (Companion to Bonnie; AAA dog)

Message From: Eileen Sartori

As a dog lover and cancer survivor who lost her 14 yr old white german shepherd I know how Inker will be missed. He served his human friends well and his rewards will be great in God's loving care.

Message From: Colleen Filippone

Dear Pat,

My deepest sympathies to you and your family. We also have a Golden Retriever at home. Jake is an 11 1/2 year old and he truely is my 4th child. After reading about the love and courage that Inker gave to everyone, my heart felt very heavy. Inker must have made you very proud. What a trooper! Truely, he was a gift to everyone. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Colleen Filippone

Message From: Eileen  Kelly

Inker was & is a treasured member of our Paws for People program. We will all miss his happy go lucky nature while visiting with his friends!

Message From: Gene Biddulph

Dear Pat,

My deepest sympathies on the loss of your dear Inker. It was the right thing to do; his life was full of joy and happiness, and his death will be full of remembering him. He will live in our hearts forever. God bless you.

Gene Biddulph

Message From: Doug Poswencyk

Dear Pat,

Inker was such a wonderful dog. He touched so many people's lives. All of us here at the Watchung Public Library will miss him dearly.

Doug Poswencyk

Message From: Jackie Fahey

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know he was a wonderful friend.

Message From: Roberta Heath

Greater love than this....does not only apply to humans. You were a real trooper!

Thank you Inker

Message From: JoAnna Silva

Dear Pat,

My sincerest and deepest sympathy to you for the loss of your beloved "Inker."

It's over 2 years since I lost my Toby to lymphomia. He was 11 yrs old and the best little Cairn Terrier ever. I look at Inker's pictures and his persona reminds me of Toby. They loved people and loved to make them happy. Toby wasn't a service dog, but he did service once in film making. He was an extra with me and he kept all the kids and adults busy paying attention to him when they had to sit bored and waiting in between filming. I keep a picture on my computer screen of him posing with 15 extras who called him their mascot. Dogs like our Toby and Inker don't come along every day! I have another and maybe you will one day too! I love TJ Carlito my giant chihuahua. But Toby is forever in my heart and I know he'll be there on the Rainbow Bridge to greet me some day as your Inker will be there waiting for you.


Message From: Letty and Adeline Annis

Dear Pat,
So very sorry about Inker. A very special therapy dog has gone on to dog heaven where he will await you.

Message From: Anonymous  

Thank you for the joy you and Inker brought to so many. You are truly an examples that your PAWS friends can strive for.

Message From: Christine Pawlak

What a beautiful soul. I wish I had had someone like him to visit me in the hospital when I had cancer. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Message From: Doreen Rinaldo

God Bless Inker and Pat.....
Thank you for all the wonderful memories....

Message From: Susan Jacobsen

I am so sorry that you lost your sweet Inker. I, too, have a beautiful Golden Retriever, Rielly, who had six wonderful years as a PFP volunteer. They are the best!

My condolences,
Susan Jacobsen

Message From: Calvin Sierra

I was a patient in May and June 2007. What a surprise when Inker came to visit me. He made me feel like I was home with my dog of 15 years and my family. He was a gift from God.

He will be missed.

Message From: Debbie Martin

Dear Pat,

My heart just broke today when I read about Inker. My sympanthy to you and all that fell in love with this beatutiful dog that was one big heart wrapped in fur. May I recommend "Dog Heaven" by Cynthia Rylant as perhapes a little comfort. This book helped me through the loss of my beloved Nikki, a German Shephard, to cancer.

Message From: Yrma deEardenas-Le

I will surely miss you, Inker. I have such wonderful memories of you in just a few times that I was with you. Those memories will always stay with me and bring a smile to me. Pat you were blessed in being Inker's partner. May his memories bring peace and joy to you.

Message From: Lisa Guerriero

Dear Pat,

My deepest sympathy to you from myself and my boss Rohnn Solodare as well as my beloved Golden Retriever, Jasmine. Inker touched so many lives and will never be forgotten. Our hearts and prayers are with you at this time.

Message From: Donna Hricko

Dear Pat,

Our most deepest and sincerest sympathies on your loss of a beautiful and loving friend.

Message From: Val Ramsberger

Dear Pat,

My heart goes out to you at this very difficult time. I know Inker will always be with you in your heart. I hope the memories of all the wonderful times you shared together bring you comfort.

Sincerely, Valerie

Message From: Rosa Da Silva

I'm so sorry that inker passed away. He was a very good dog he helped my husband.

Message From: Elaine Manzo

I read about Inker in the paper a while ago. I wondered how he was doing. I cried when I heard he passed away. My heart and prayers go out to you. People do not realize just how precious dogs are. I lost my dog 2 years ago-I still am not over it-she was my best friend and family member.

Message From: Frieda & Ray Hendricks

Our deepest sympathies to you. What a very special dog Inker was. We will miss him.

Message From: Shirley Sharkey

God bless your angel "Inker"

Message From: Doug Harris


All of us at Trinitas will miss Inker. He truly had a golden heart, bravely trying his best to bring smiles to staff and patients, even when he wasn't having such a good day. He will always be a part of us.

Message From: Myrna Moran

I don't know what writer said that he'd like to live in a house by the side of the road and be a friend to man, but I think that sounds like something Inker would have said if he could have spoken human talk.

Message From: David Strahan

Dear Pat, I am deeply saddened by Inker's passing. I never personally met Inker , but I know he was a remarkable & courageous dog. I know too well your sorrow for I to lost my dog Roxie to cancer last year. I just want you to know that what you & Inker did for patients was a wonderful thing and Inker will be waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge.

Message From: Carol Pepe

Dear Pat,

It has been an honor and a privledge to have worked with you and Inker. His passing is a great sorrow, but his legacy is tremendous. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers and that you will both always be a very special part of the Trinitas family.


Message From: Russ Schumacher

I had the privilege of meeting Inker a few times since my Mom lived on the same street as Inker. He was a wonderful dog and a blessing to many as I have learned. Our thoughts are with Pat as she mourns her loss.

Message From: Trisha Paultz

Inker was a beautiful dog who brought joy to so many. My Phil was a St. Hubert's therapy dog who passed away last year so I know who much the patients love them. What a hero Inker was and will always be.
All my love.

Message From: Ruth Rillo

Dear Pat,

I am so saddened and sorry by the loss of my friend Inker. It was always so nice seeing the two of you for your morning stroll around the lake, and Inker running up to greet me with such a smile on his face. I will never forget him!

I believe God brought us together for a reason. I believe, first, to be friends, but also to show me how your love shone through him. He was a vessel of the love that you shared and gave so freely to others. That is such a huge blessing to me, and all who knew Inker. I pray, my friend for your broken heart to mend, and I know that all of the love you so freely gave, will all come back to you through Inker's memory.

In love and friendship always~


Message From: Carmela Quaglia

love you INKER MISS U

Message From: Kathleen  Sullivan RN

Everyone is blessed because of Inker. He brought joy to patients even in his own illness. His beautiful spirit will be with you always!

Message From: Peg Hinkley

During my husband's final illness,visits from Inker brought him so much joy, I cannot thank you enough. God Bless all who promote this wonderful program.

Message From: Brenda and Gayle Honey Bee Pets

We are so saddened to hear of Inker's passing. Our heart's and prayers are with you as we know how hard it is to lose such a special friend.

Message From: Caryl Yaros


We have never met you or Inker but we truly feel your loss. As owners of 2 Golden Retrievers I know how much love, happiness and comfort that they bring into our lives. There is a very bright star in the sky with Inker's name on it.

I am sure all of the patients will truly miss him.

Caryl Yaros
New Hope, PA

Message From: Raquel Burke

When I read this article in the paper I couldn't get through it without crying. We Lost our beloved dog Harley to Lymphoma last year. He was only 5. My heart breaks for you. Heaven has another special angel. Inker you have truly earned your wings.

Message From: Adele Milanowycz

I'm so very sorry to hear about Inker's passing. I wish Callie and I had experienced working with this special therapy dog.

Adele & Callie
Paws for People
St. Hubert's

Message From: Jamie Rapoport


My deepest sympathy at this most difficult time. Inker was such a blessing to not only the patients but also to the staff. I know that Inker is in heaven.

God bless

Message From: Missy Oliver

Hi I heard so much from my good friend Ruthie about you guys. I live in Watchung as well and have seen you walk around the lake. Loosing a pet especially one as great as Inker is hard. I will pray that God will help comfort your heart during this time!


Message From: Rich Lazar

I was sorry to read that Inker passed.

Message From: Sue B.

My sympathy to Inkers family, who brought joy to the patients & staff at Trinitas

Message From: Beth Clarke

My heart goes out to you.My second retired (golden) seeing eye dog Porter taught schoolchildren how to pet a dog and about working dogs. God Bless you and I hope you feel the prayers of others to ease your pain.


Beth and Gina (my 3rd retired love)

Message From: Mia Height


Message From: Ellen Sherman - Zinn

Just a doggie mom volunteer, saddened by the loss.

Message From: Ruth & Claire Brown

To Pat & Inker's Family at Trinitas,

We share your sadness and are so sorry for your loss.

Ruth & Claire

Message From: Jay Seaward

Dear Mrs. Dobson,

I am so sorry for your loss but I do think we will meet our furry friends when we go and will be joined again for ever.

God Bless you and Inker.

Message From: Fran Charlton


My friend Frieda from Watchung has talked about you and your precious Inker. He was an amazing pet. Thank you for caring for those around you with so many needs.
May I join the others in wishing you condolences in the loss of this precious one.


Message From: Judy Steinberg

Hi Pat,

I am part of a St. Hubert's therapy team with my Yorkie, Philly. I want to express my sincere condolences on the loss of such a dear and special dog. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Message From: Cora Castellano

Your Inker was truly a SPECIAL companion. He was a hero to many of our patients. My husband and I were deeply touched when Inker visited my husband on 6-south in 2006. Inker cheered up Tony and me in that difficult period of time when Tony was sick. We will miss Inker! Thank you, Pat for sharing your beloved companion with the rest of us. Cora

Message From: Maria Velazquez

Dear Pat,

Thank you and Inker for all the joy you brought to our patients and staff. Inker is in a special place!

Sincerely, Maria V.

Message From: Ron Petty

My deepest sympathy goes out to you. Inker seemed to have a great impact on the cancer patients and he was a very smart and bright golden retriever. I know because I have the same dog at the age of 10, and they are full of compasion and knowledge. I'm sure Inker was a blessing to all the patients he spent time with.

R Petty

Message From: Joe Conoscenti

God Bless the Goldens, I had one for 12 wonderful years.

Message From: Barbara Naia

My heart goes out to you on the loss of Inker. My dog Polo died 12/11/2007, however I was blessed with another miracle dog, Precious. The next day she jumped on my chest in the park where Polo and I walked everyday until he became so sick. I feel Polo and GOD had something to do with us meeting.As it turned out Precious was very sick and had a big kidney stone removed when I took her to the vet.Now she and I both are fine. May GOD bless you too with another remarkable dog like Inker. He will always be with you,

Love and Prayers,

Message From: Nancy Purdy

Our hearts go out to you on Inker's death. What joy Inker brought to the world and everyone who knew her.

Nancy and Florin

Message From: Ellen Balestriere

Dear Pat,

I knew the minute you and Inker stepped on our floor on 4ab at Overlook that we were truly blessed. You and Inker brought so much peace and joy to all those you came in contact with. You made a great team, and you were always by his side. The bond you two shared was so evident by his loving gaze into your eyes, you both are an inspiration to me in my rescue work. I will dearly miss Inker.

Ellen Balestriere 4ab Overlook Hospital

Message From: Diane Barany

Dear Pat,

My heartfelt sympathy to you for the loss of your beloved companion. Our pets truly see through all our flaws yet love us unconditionally. Trinitas was fortunate to have such a wonderful volunteer. Inker enriched everyone's life he touched.

Message From: Edyta Drobniewska

We will miss Inker dearly...:( Our deepest sympathies to you. I will miss Inker coming to the front desk and sniffing his Milk bones... I love him so much and he definitely will be missed...

Message From: Derek  Dent

Inker reminded me of my dog "FOXY" ...just wonderful with people...touching the lives of everyone he met. My condolences. I will miss seeing Inker making the rounds to visit with the patients. THE "COOLEST OF DOGS"!

Message From: Anne Marie Rautenstrauch


There's a new dog in heaven and his name is Inker! We all were very blessed to have known him and to know you! Take care of yourself.

Message From: Kate Pappas

I know you're running pain free at the Rainbow Bridge.

Hugs and kisses from California.

Message From: Sonam Anand

Inker is surely missed by everyone that knew him. He was truely a Healer. But he is in a better place now, and never will be forgotten...

Message From: Frank J Neiman

God bless you Inker.

You and your mom are in my nightly prayers. You are a tragic loss to your friends ( patient and hospital staff and your mom )I know you will be there for them in spirit. I know you are resting and visiting with family and friends in heaven. When they get another dog to carry on in your place I know you will be leading and training the other dog. No other dog will ever completely replace you. You were a one of a kind,dear one. Your mom is a wonderful,loving lady leading you on your rounds visiting and comforting those patients. Your visits made their days a lot brighter and happier. So my friend let me add my name to the hundreds and hundreds of others on that list of your friends.I love you my friend. God bless you and your earthly family, and your Trinitas family of staff and patients. R I P my friend.

Love, Frank J Neiman.

Message From: Debbie Abrams

Dear Pat,

I sit here in tears as I read these beautiful messages and look at these wonderful photos of dear Inker. I hope it brings you comfort to read of all those whose lives he touched. I know that there are so many people, beyond those who have written you here, who hold you in their thoughts and in their hearts. Inker did such wonderful work, both at Trinitas and at the library, where he was such a popular patron and patient reader-companion. He was a comfort and inspiration to many.

Bless you-

Debbie Abrams

Message From: Monisha Borrison

Dear Pat,
I was deeply upset when I discovered Inker's passing. He was a true blessing and I'm sure that he has helped many of those in pain. He was the most adorable and sweetest dog I have ever met. R.I.P Inker! Thanks for all you've done.

Message From: tracy roksvaag

inker, you are so beautiful. may your mommy always know that you watch over her still.

Message From: Richard Aponte

I'm very sad to hear what happened to Inker after being in the newspaper with him. He always cheered me up with his visits. Pat, I didn't hear he was gone until recently and was sad to hear the news.



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