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Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP)

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Volunteerism At Trinitas Regional Medical Center
Volunteers at Trinitas Regional Medical Center are an important part of our hospital family. These dedicated individuals donate their time and efforts to supplement and extend the activities of our employees.

As we at Trinitas Regional Medical Center move forward to build an expanded continuum of care in our community, the assistance of our volunteers helps us to hold down escalating healthcare costs while continuing to offer the highest quality service to our patients and the community.

Yet a volunteer's value to Trinitas Regional Medical Center is never measured purely in financial terms - the loving service provided by the men and women who give of themselves is often the most precious gift our patients, physicians and staff receive.

The Role Of A Volunteer: Patient Care
Volunteers supplement employees by transporting patients, escort service, comforting and entertaining patients within the hospital through the Spirit of Service Program and Reach Out and Read.

Elder Life Program (HELP)
The Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) is designed to prevent delirium (acute confusion) by keeping hospitalized older patients oriented to their surroundings.

By promoting activities, adequate nutrition and fluids, and a calm environment, volunteers offer older patients extra, special attention that can ultimately improve their overall hospital stay Volunteers receive specific training and play a key role in carrying out interventions individualized for each patient in the program.

Patients' Families
Volunteers work at the Information Desk by providing visitors with information and assistance as needed. Volunteers offer families in the Surgical Waiting Room coffee/tea and various reading materials and games as well as providing limited patient information.

Clerical and computer assistance is needed in such diverse areas as Administration, Medical Offices, Finance, Library, Public Relations, Human Resources and the Laboratory.

Seniors First
Trinitas Regional Medical Center's commitment to the needs of seniors is reflected in the new Seniors First program - an all-in-one approach to care for seniors and their caregivers. Volunteers serve as Seniors First escorts, helping older patients find their way around the hospital.

Support Services
Volunteers supplement the paid staff in such service areas as Building Management, Dietary, Warehouse and Transportation.

Community Outreach
Volunteers are recruited from local schools and colleges focusing on the specific needs of the Hospital. In addition, agreements with such programs as: Community Work Experience (Welfare), Union County College and various others provide work experience as a community outreach.

Volunteers assist in Health Fairs, Screening Programs, and public advocacy efforts. All Trinitas Regional Medical Center volunteers receive free, on-site parking and receive a free lunch each day they work.

Hours Of Operation
The Volunteer Services Office is open Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm. The Information Desk is open 8am-8 pm, Monday through Friday and 9am-8pm Saturday and Sunday. Volunteers are assigned to various areas during their specific hours of operation within the 8am-8pm daily schedules.

How To Become A Volunteer
To become a volunteer, stop by the Volunteer Office to pick up an application, fill it out and return it in the postage paid envelope. You may also phone the Volunteer Office to request an application at

Giving Back To Trinitas
Donors who contribute to Trinitas Regional Medical Center realize the importance of quality health care. Every charitable dollar given to Trinitas Regional Medical Center strengthens the Hospital and enables us to better serve the thousands of patients who depend upon us each year. You may make an outright gift to support current hospital services or projects. Or, you may choose to invest in the future of our community and Trinitas Regional Medical Center by making a bequest, creating a trust, donating property or choosing another form of panned gift.

For information on how you can donate to Trinitas Regional Medical Center, please call the Foundation at 908-994-8249.

Areas Volunteers Make A Difference
Gift Shop
Pediatric Clinic
Brother Bonaventure
Health Information
Physical Therapy
Central Supply
Public Relations
Information Desk
"Reach out and Read"
Respiratory Care
Emergency Room
Same Day Medical
Employee Education
Medical Staff
Short Stay
Escort Services
Nursing Units
Surgical Waiting Room
Volunteer Services
Pastoral Care
Women's Health Clinic
To volunteer, contact Lisa Liss, Director of Volunteer Services, at either 908-994-5164 or by email at lliss@trinitas.org.



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