Education, Training and Development

Welcome to the Trinitas Regional Medical Center Department of Education, Training and Development.

The purpose of the Department is to recognize and be responsive to the educational needs of all Trinitas employees. Our Educators' combined abilities, talents, expertise and creativity meet the challenges of the healthcare environment in general and of this Institution in particular.

The Education, Training and Development recognizes that cost-effective education, training and developmental goals must be achieved and outcomes measured that signify quality and excellence. We intend to provide opportunity and resources for learning and staff development through collaboration with all Departments.

Acknowledging the multicultural diversity of our employees, we believe that each employee brings with them the richness of their culture and uniqueness of their person. Thus, we can learn from one another. This reinforces the concept that learning is a dynamic process.

Recognizing the challenges that result from rapid change in the structure of healthcare, we are committed to facilitating excellence in practice and employee competency.

Educators and Staff
Carole Skalski, RN, MS

Nurse Educators
Miriam Rodriguez, RN, MSN
Mary Beth Adams-Toms, RN, MAS, MSN, CEN

Employee Educator
Sue Marchelitis, MAT

Administrative Assistant
Dilkia Del Castillo