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Trinitas Regional Medical Center is actually an extensive network of individuals, facilities and services that operates on multiple campuses, in various satellite locations and in conjunction with local, regional and nationally-recognized programs.

Our Williamson Street Campus in Elizabeth, NJ is our primary location. From our New Point Campus and in dozens of other locations in Union County, Essex County and Hudson County, Trinitas combines state-of-the-art medical and surgical facilities with community outreach centers and satellite services that have a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Use the links on this page to find the campus of your choosing, print directions and maps if you need them, and, if you have any additional questions, call us at 908-994-5000 for more information. We exist to serve the people in the areas in which we're located, so we're happy to help you wherever and whenever you need us.

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If you're flying in to visit a friend, family member or loved one, here is a link to the Port Authority's web site so you can find additional information that may be useful to you.

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