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Price and Information

Trinitas Regional Medical Center has a system in place to help you understand how much you or your insurance company will be charged for service provided by us. To look up the charge for your service you will need to obtain the CPT code from your physician. Using the code from your physician you can look up the current charge posted to this site and department location. You can also contact your insurance company to see what your out of pocket responsibility will be.

Remember that the amount posted is an estimate. Additional services or procedures may be added or eliminated in accordance with your physician instructions. Trinitas will not be able to tell you how much your physician will charge for their services. The physician fees will be charged to you or your insurance company separately. Anesthesia, pathology, laboratory, pathology and other diagnostic fees may also be billed separately.

If you do not have insurance you may be eligible for a discount based on your income. For additional help with financial assistance or locating the estimated charge for a service you can reach a representative in Patient Access Services department at 908-994-5125 between the hours of 8AM-4PM, Monday through Friday.

You can contact us at the below email address if you have any questions, comments, concerns or technical issues at